For quite a long time, the most widely recognized sort of apparel or beautiful patches was the custom embroidery patches. After some time, notwithstanding, society has gotten progressively inventive with making forms and has acquainted more current ways to make patches. Here at Dynamic Dezign, we offer traditional custom embroidered patches. Here are the distinctions:


Custom embroidery patches are made by sewing strings onto a sponsorship material to make a design. With regards to color sublimated patches, in any case, little segments of the patching material are colored with a unique link to make a design.

FC Patch


Custom patches have consistently been sewed by the string with embroidered patches, the string is utilized to make the picture, image, or lettering. In contrast to the two styles is the thickness of the string. Custom patches embroidered uses a thicker string to make a conventional “raised” look whereas woven patches (like embroidery patch) use a more slender string to make compliment patches.


Any kind of custom patch can be brilliantly colored, however, some have the capacity more than others. Strings arrive in a wide assortment of hues, however since woven patches utilize more slender string than weaved, you might have the option to consolidate more hues on woven patches. Color sublimated patches, in any case, give you the most extensive scope of hues, since every atom of the fix is colored, for all intents and purposes any shading can be made.

BKH Sublimation

In case you’re searching for a custom patch with a great deal of detail, pick a color sublimated patch. Since every particle is colored, a lot of detail can be accomplished in a plan.

Regardless, which patch type you’re keen on, Dynamic Dezign can enable you to make your ideal custom patch for any event.

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